Is Lee Min Ho in a Relationship with  Kim Go Eun Are They Dating?


The popular drama “ The King -Eternal Monarch” has successfully ended. But still, the goosebump is there. Still, the impact of the chemistry between  Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun is there in every fan’s mind. Fans love both the celebrity’s natural chemistry and gesture, on-screen and off-screen. People are speculating that something is brewing between them. People will be very happy if both of them become a real-life couple.  Because every video photo they upload through their social media account,  every press conference,  their body language says a lot about them.  And fans go crazy about those pictures and Videos.  They are jealous and happy at the same time. 

Here are some proofs that they could be in a relationship,

Lee Min Ho’s Instagram Post

Lee min ho and kim go eun

  Well first of all and most importantly, Lee Min Ho never posted a photo of a woman or his female co-star except his mother,  through his Instagram account.   But For the first time, Lee Min Ho posted Kim Go Eun and his photographs on his account.  A very controversial photo he posted and caption he wrote. 

The photos were taken at the set,  beside the seashore, when they were on break time. Lee and Kim holding their hand and Lee captioned it 

“My hand is on My hand “  just after it was posted thousands of comments were there speculating that Lee Min Ho may be in a relationship.  


Kim Go Eun’s Instagram Post

  Kim posted a similar post.  She shared a sweet photo and a nice Video where Lee was sitting beside her and just before the shoot started they were singing and enjoying the time. She also fell for Lee.  

Behind The Camera 

Another reason is that Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun spend their time nicely. They enjoy it together. They take care of themselves. They give a positive and energetic vibe to each other and of course the whole unit when they are together. 

While spending time together they forget about everything. Means everything. Set crew members. They are in their own world, they eat together, laugh together.

Media Appearances 

Every interview, every press conference Lee cannot get his eyes off.  Lee doesn’t miss a chance to look at her so adorably.  

They praise each other in front of the media but it feels like every word they say is so genuine.  It’s not only for media interviews or professionals.

Lee Min Ho previous Relationship 

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho’s recent relationship with Suzy Bae was for Two Years. they officially split up in November 2019 according to the report.

Fans are waiting for official confirmation Is Lee Min Ho in a Relationship  with Kim Go Eun

Whenever any relationship news comes out artists’ respective agencies either accept or deny instantly.  But in this case, their agencies still haven’t given any official statement.  

If they are in a relationship it’s just because of their natural deep sweet chemistry and also their easy-going friendship and bonding. Fans are waiting for the official confirmation. Hope for the best. A pair,  we didn’t know we needed it on screen and hopefully, soon we will see them off-screen too. 



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