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About Us

All about all things viral and trending, Celebrity Talkies gives you your daily dose of everything and anything you need from the realm of pop culture. We are a multiplatform brand that strives to provide you with all the entertainment news you can possibly think of, including the hottest celebrity gossip fresh out of the lives of your favorite stars. From Korean Entertainment, Fashion and Beauty, TV and Showbiz; you name it, we have it all.

We dive deep into Celebrity Lifestyles and get downright personal about their lives in our extensive and detailed Biography series, where we talk about their transformations, their dating lives, careers, and their fiery scandals.

Caught up on your celebrities but feeling left behind on the showbiz news? Well, lucky for you we are the one-stop solution you didn’t even know you needed. We don’t just talk about Celebrity News, we make sure all your needs are met. We have all the details on the most popular dramas and TV series; be it on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or pretty much any streaming site you can name, it doesn’t matter because we’ve got it all covered.

Join us, because we’re determined to spill all the tea on trending celebrities, the latest entertainment news and everything in between. You never have to worry about missing out ever again, because Celebrity Talkies takes good care of their audience by making sure they’re always kept updated on the entertainment world.

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