The charming South Korean actor, Chang Wook gained massive popularity while being starred in the leading role of DongHae in the series titled Smile Again (2010–2011). Though the actor started his journey in musical theatre, he worked his way up to acting and proved his worth with his incredible performances.

His most recent dramas Backstreet Rookie and Mr. Right have achieved much appreciation. Also, he’d be seen in the drama titled City of Stars in 2021.  His acting skills in romantic dramas have gained him vast popularity among women. The charismatic actor tends to keep his love life low key which has always been a thing of curiosity, especially among his female followers. In this article, we will dig deep into  Chang’s dating rumors and love life!


 Who is the actor dating at the moment?

As of 2020, the actor is currently single. But in an interview, he revealed that he is looking for his partner, and also the criteria include a good physique and ability to converse well.

Past relationships:

Ha Ji Won
Ji Chang wook and Ha Ji WonBeautiful actress, Ha Ji Won worked as co-star with Ji Chang in the drama titled Empress Ki. With their tremendous acting skills, fans assumed them to be real-life couples. Also in an interview, the actor complimented her for being a good listener and thanked her for making the filming site a happy place with her cheerful persona. The pair have neither confirmed nor denied their relationship rumor.

Healer actress Park Min Young
Park Min Young and ji chang wook
Healer actress Park Min Young was also rumored to be a love interest of Ji due to their close relationship off-screen that in the pictures of the pair on their Instagram account proves it. It is said that once Ji went to secretly meet the actress in one of her shootings in China.  They were spotted in Shanghai hot pot restaurant for more than four hours and the actor looked happy when caught on camera.
But when asked he responded with, “ Am I dating Park Min Young.? Did we really do a good job in our acting?”

Kim Joo RI
Kim Joo Ri and ji chang wook
Korean actress and model, also former Miss Korea 2009, was rumored to be dating Ji Chang because of both of them being spotted on social media wearing the same necklaces and sunglasses.  It is said that once Kim followed Chang to one of his photoshoots in Bali. Later Ji’s agency confirmed that they were only good friends and often went for hangouts together. Also in defense of the same accessory rumor, they said the necklace was a gift and the sunglasses were trending back then. 

Yoona and ji chang wook
“The K2” co-stars Yoona and Ji Chang Wook were rumored to be dating because of a kissing scene they performed in the drama that seemed too genuine to not be true to the fans.

Ji Chang Wook finally cleared the confusion in an interview held at the end of the show saying, “The dating rumors involving Yoona are not true,”  He also said “I just worked hard and, again, a lot of people came to misunderstand this time. So I thought, ‘Again?’ and just laughed.

It is also said that they were instructed to spend more time with each other from the production house so that they create a natural bond before appearing on the screen. 


He described their relationship as such as brother-younger sister. He also clarified that he will be in the military in 2017 and dating at that period, won’t be good for a relationship.

Nam Ji Hyun
Nam Ji Hyun and ji chang wookThe actor was also rumored to be dating SBS drama suspicious partner costar. They had a love-hate relationship on-screen which led the followers to believe it’s real. Off-screen the stars became really good friends and liked to tease each other while doing scripts behind the scene. Even though it looked like the pair were dating but both of them denied the rumor from their side.

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